Lincoln's Notes

Collection of Tips and Techniques for using IdeaVim and JetBrains' IntelliJ Idea, PyCharm etc

Sometimes, I take a break from JetBrains products.

When I come back to JetBrains, I tend to lose track of the wonderful JetBrains shortcuts that I had previously "Muscle Memorized".

So, I am documenting some of the most useful ones here.

Switch Between Vim and No Vim

If IdeaVim installed, then some of the native JetBrains shortcuts might be taken up by IdeaVim. To access JetBrains shortcuts, I need to switch off Idea Vim.

To flip IdeaVim On/Off, I do Tools -> Vim Emulator

To quickly switch IdeaVim on and off without leaving the home row, I have remapped "Ctrl + Z".

To do the association,

  • File
    • Settings
      • KeyMap
        • Search for "Vim Emulator"
          • Right Click and "Add Keyboard Shortcut". Enter "Ctrl + Z"

So, I press Ctrl+z to disable IdeaVim, use the native JetBrains shortcuts, and then press Ctrl+z again to switch back to IdeaVim.

Map Alt + h,j,k,l to cursor motion similar to Vim

Sometimes, IdeaVim is not available at all.

Or, in some organizations are moving away from IdeaVim Plugin and/or JetBrains' products entirely because of some recent events.

Vim users are accustomed to using the h, j, k, l keys to move cursor without leaving the home row.

JetBrains uses the arrow keys to move the cursor on the screen. However, the arrow keys are not easily accessible when my fingers are on the home row.

The mapping below helps me avoid moving fingers away from the home row when IdeaVim is either disabled or not available at all.

  • File
    • Settings
      • KeyMap
        • Search for "Left" and add "Alt+h" as a shortcut
        • Search "Right" and add "Alt+l" as a shortcut
        • Search for "Up" and add "Alt+k" as a shortcut
        • Search for "Down" and add "Alt+j" as a shortcut

Then I can use h, j, k, l not only for cursor navigation but also to chose alternatives from auto suggestions without leaving the home row. The one major downside is that I lose the existing bindings especially for Alt+j which by default(before my remapping) allows to traverse through "Usage Search" results.


Alt + Backspace to undo anything

Ctrl Key Combination Shortcuts in JetBrains

Key Action Notes
d duplicate line yy and p in Vim
h show hierarchy
i implement methods similar to Ctrl + O
j show available "live templates". see below for live templates
k commit
l go to next match after Ctrl + f
o override similar to Ctrl + i. In Vim, Ctrl + o, takes me to the last edit location
y yank/cut current line dd in vim
Ctrl Run current file
Backspace delete last word behind cursor


Key Action
Ctrl + n select and open class
Ctrl + Shift + n select and open a file
Alt + Up/Down Arrow Keys go to next/previous methods
Alt + Left/Right Arrow Keys go to next/previous tab/file
Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right arrow keys go back. navigate editing history(time travel :-))
Alt + 1 switch focus to Project View (to select files to edit). Esc to switch back to editor.
Ctrl + f12 jump to method within file/class
Ctrl + Shift + f12 expand/focus editor. hide all other panes
Ctrl + b go to definition
Ctrl + e show recently modified files
Ctrl + Shift + e show snippets of recent changes
Ctrl + Shift + + expand all methods (Ctrl + + to expand current method)
Ctrl + Shift + - collapse all methods (Ctrl + - to collapse current method)
Alt + F7 find usages. then Alt + j to iterate through the matches. unfortunately, I have bound Alt+j for cursor movement
f2 navigate to next error. then use Alt + Enter
Ctrl + [ or ] Move cursor to start/end of code block. Ctrl + Shift + [ to Select
Ctrl+g go to line


Insert Lines

Key Action
Ctrl + Enter insert line before current line
Shift + Enter insert line after current line

Move Lines

Key Action
Alt + Shift + Up Arrow move line up
Alt + Shift + Down Arrow move line down


Key Action
Shift + f6 rename variable or method
Ctrl + f6 refactor method signature

(Incremental)? Selection

Ctrl-w selects incrementally. Repeatedly pressing Ctrl + w, keeps extending the selected area around the core from where I started.

Key Action
Ctrl + w incremental selection
Ctrl + [ or ] Move cursor to start/end of code block. Ctrl + Shift + [ to Select
Ctrl + Shift + [ select till code block start. also incremental
Ctrl + Shift + ] select till code block end. also incremental
Code Block Selection to select code block, move to start of code block with Ctrl + [, then select till end with Ctrl + Shift + ]

What to do with the Selection

Key Effect on Selection Notes
Ctrl + Alt + v extract selection to new variable Alt + Backspace to Undo
Ctrl + Alt + m extract selection to new method Alt + Backspace to Undo
Ctrl + Alt + f extract selection to new field Alt + Backspace to Undo
Ctrl + Alt + p extract selection to new parameter Alt + Backspace to Undo
Ctrl + Alt + l(or i) reformat code Alt + Backspace to Undo
Ctrl + Alt + t surround with "if", "try", "while", etc Alt + Backspace to Undo
Ctrl + / comment or uncomment Alt + Backspace to Undo
Ctrl(or Alt) + Shift + Arrow Keys move selection up or down Alt + Backspace to Undo

Writing New Code

Auto Completion

Key Action
Ctrl + Space auto complete *
Ctrl + Shift + Space smart auto complete

Use Error Correction to (auto)Write New Code

When writing a new function (see below example), first write the component function invocations(which might not have been defined yet).

The IDE will complain that the functions (like insert_into_db, email_users, and cleanup) are not defined. Use f2 to jump to the first error, and type Alt + Enter, and Intellij

create new method

Similarly, to create new variable, type in the variable value and then press Alt + Enter

create new variable

create new variable

Live Templates

Live Templates put in common "code blocks". For e.g. , instead of typing in public static void main, we can type in psvm or main and then select the code completion option.

mnemonic note ---
sout System.out.println
psvm or main private static void main Alt + Backspace to Undo
fori for loop Alt + Backspace to Undo
foreach for each loop to iterate through array, or Iterable Alt + Backspace to Undo
ifn if null Alt + Backspace to Undo
inn if not null Alt + Backspace to Undo
itar iterate through array Alt + Backspace to Undo

Debug or Run

key note
f9 debug (then f8 to step over)
f10 run
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